Real Estate Wiki Answers Your Property Questions

real_estate_wikiSometimes it appears that Wikipedia has the world covered. And it just might. But some niche issues are complex and warrant their own space. Such is the case when it comes to real estate.

A group of dedicated real estate professionals thought it was time to build a specialized encyclopedia for home buyers, sellers and professionals. Launching this week is the Real Estate Wiki.
Containing 3,000 industry-specific definitions and 1,000 answers to frequently asked questions about home buying, this wiki leaves no stone unturned. No more worrying about the FMV of your home with an FDR.   You’ll also find a compendium of over 500 acronyms. (Fair Market Value, Formal Dining Room).

Brokerage companies and real estate agents benefit too. Sure they can find answers to questions they might not know, but they also can increase their visibility. Professionals, authors, lenders, etc. can each set up a page.

The Real Estate Wiki is a privately funded, non-profit, non-bias venture similar to Wikipedia. They are leaning on industry volunteers to maintain the value and integrity of the Website.

Advertising is not accepted, leading to no editorial bias.

With the spring season rapidly approaching, real estate season is about to launch into full swing. If you believe in the project, you might want to add a badge on your blog or Website.