Read Web Pages Later On An Android Phone

Several apps are available for storing either links to web content that you want to read later or for storing complete copies of web pages. I use Instapaper to store full web pages and Delicious to store bookmarks, and occasionally I will store that information in Evernote. I recently wrote about, which is a bookmarking site that I have started to use to replace Delicious.
I use the Instapaper app on my iPad for reading content I store to read later, and I have been using InstaFetch to read what I store in Instapaper on my Nexus S. Read It Later is another web service for storing web content to read offline, and it has had an iPhone app for some time. Recently an Android version of Read It Later Pro, which costs $0.99, became available, and I have installed it on my Nexus S to try out.
The Read It Later Pro Android app synchronizes your content to the SD card on the phone, which means that you can read content even if the phone is not connected to the Internet. By default the app formats content so that it displays properly on the screen, and you can quickly toggle that setting to see the normal web layout, though it does take noticably longer to load the page, and I also see lags when zooming pages in and out. After you read an item you can archive it, which you can always open to retrieve later.
Read It Later provides a variety of ways to add items to your reading list. You can add bookmarklets to all desktop web browsers that provide a quick way to add a web page to your Read It Later list. On Android phones, Read It Later is part of the Android Sharing menu, which means you can store items from Twitter or other social networking apps on your phone to Read It Later.