Rateometer, A Social Networking Site with a Dash of Matchmaking

rateometer.jpgIs there a room for another social networking site in the crowded space of web 2.0? Well, if that social networking site is as unique as Rateometer, why not? Before you embark on discovering this new online social community Rateometer, I’m warning you, some of the members’ profile pictures may not suit everyone’s taste. Consider yourself warned.Rateometer is an online social community that lets you create your own private community. Through this private community you can share anything about yourself, photos, journals and interests with your network of friends.

If you belong to any of the following types of web citizen, then Rateometer is for you:

  • Users and Members who want to rate others
  • Friends who want to talk Online
  • Single people who want to meet other Singles
  • Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends
  • Families who want to keep in touch–map your Family Tree
  • Business people and co-workers interested in networking
  • Classmates and study partners
  • Anyone looking for long lost friends!

Another unique feature of Rateometer is what it calls “Gold Coins”. Members can earn gold coins by becoming a member, recruiting others to join and taking part in other activities in the social networking site. These gold coins could win a member some good prizes.

Other innovative features of Rateometer are the ROM widgets, ROM notifier and ROM Casino. What are these features? Why don’t you check out Rateometer, register and create your own profile and find out for yourself why these features are innovative.