RapLeaf’s Twitter Study: The Rich Get Richer

TwitterLogo.jpgRapLeaf, a provider of information on users of social networking, examined the list of Twitter users for a large consumer packaged-goods company and found that, much like in other facets of life, the rich get richer, according to TechCrunch.

RapLeaf studied the company’s top 0.1%, top 1% and top 10% most-followed Twitter users from the beginning of March until mid-June and found that the top 0.1% skyrocketed 275% in Twitter followers during that time period, while the top 1% rose 146% and the top 10% shot up only 126%, TechCrunch reported. In terms of median followers, the increases were 78%, 65% and 59%, respectively.

RapLeaf’s study also found that users in the top 0.1% have approximately five times as many followers as users in the top 1% and about 40 times as many as users in the top 10%. Also, a user who barely makes the top 10% needs 11.4 times more followers to break into the top 1% and nearly 55 times as many to enter the top 0.1%.