Rail Nation Train Simulation Game Passes 1 Million Players

rail nation 650

Developer Bright Future and publisher Travian Games have reached a new milestone with their browser-based game Rail Nation, as one million players have signed up to become virtual railway managers. This success comes on the heels of the release of Rail Nation USA, a scenario added to the game back in May.

In Rail Nation, players are given the goal of controlling the entire American railway business by choosing to support a company in either the western or eastern United States. Depending on their alliance, players work to expand east or west, to grow their company’s current area of control.

Once in the game, users learn the rules to becoming a successful railway engineer, which is achieved by sending products via engines and railcars to various cities on the map. That is, players load their cars with goods in one town, and can send those goods to another stop to offload and earn money. These trains operate automatically once put into operation, so gamers can focus on other things.

rail nation 650

Speaking of “other things,” players can upgrade their train stations to give their company an edge in the competition. The better the engine shed, for instance, the more engines players can own. The more engines in a player’s fleet, the more routes can be set into motion, and the more money produced over time.

Once players have a handle on earning money with base resources and engines, they can work on upgrading their fleet with better technologies. These may make trains more dependable or move faster along the tracks, among other boosts. In addition, gamers can purchase additional train routes to connect more stops to their base city, and will unlock more types of goods to sell over time.

As a free-to-play game, users can purchase gold with real money, and spend that gold to speed up many in-game tasks, from upgrade times at the train station to building times of new routes, as examples.

“We are very proud of the journey we have made together with our fans so far. But, we’re not even close to reaching the end of the tracks. Development continues to run at full speed and we will deliver thrilling new content for our players in the future and on new platforms, too. The next couple of months will be very exciting”, says Rail Nation’s game director Petr Vlcek.

Rail Nation is available to play for free on browser. Users can create a new account, or connect to the game with Facebook.