Rahm Emanuel to Donate $5000 to Charity if Twitter Impersonator Reveals Identity

Rahm Emanuel may be the frontrunner in Chicago’s mayoral election, but his Twitter account has only about a quarter of the number of followers that his alter-ego’s account boasts. And last night, Emanuel broke his silence on the ultra-popular, profanity-ridden impostor account.

Rahm Emanuel currently uses @RahmEmanuel, an account which has about 7,800 followers and tweets regularly about his current bid for Chicago mayor. However, this isn’t the most popular Rahm Emanuel account on Twitter.

An impersonator has been running @MayorEmanuel for some time, and the funny, profanity-filled tweets that the anonymous impostor has been tweeting has amassed over 28,000 followers – nearly four times that of Emanuel’s official account.

While being interviewed on a Chicago radio show, Emanuel declared that he would donate $5000 to a charity of the impostor’s choice if he or she revealed his or her identity. This donation would be made after the Chicago election.

CBS reports that Emanuel jokingly admires the imitator:

“Are you kidding? This guy or gal, whoever writes, has garnered a huge following and a lot of people say, ‘I just read your tweet,’ and I go ‘what?'”

The @MayorEmanuel account mocks the real candidate’s often notoriously foul language, and tweets about events that he is attending during his campaign for mayor.