R2Games reveals new details for browser MMORPG Monkey King Online


Online game publisher R2Games has revealed new details for Monkey King Online, its upcoming browser-based massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Monkey King Online is based on the Chinese epic Journey to the West, and offers a free-to-play world full of Chinese mythology for play.

In Monkey King Online, gamers can choose to become one of four heroes, including the Monkey King. The game’s real-time combat will see players transforming into “powerful deities,” or Immortals, during battle, with new Immortals being planned for release every month after the game launches.


Outside of battle, players can use the game’s crafting system to create new items, and can engage in social play via a Guilds feature. Players can join Guilds to conquer large areas in open-world player-vs-player gameplay. The game’s multiplayer features also include team dungeons, competitive Arenas and Guild-vs-Guild battles.

In anticipation of the game’s launch, R2Games is holding a month-long Alpha test, and encourages gamers to learn more on the game’s website. The Alpha build of the game includes a variety of quests, in-game events and PvP challenges. The Alpha will end on April 14, and all character data will be wiped.