Qwiki App a Better Vine Alternative for Storytellers

Vine has undoubtedly attracted the minds and cameras of most mobile videographers, but it lacks the necessary flexibility to create memorable narratives. That’s what’s great about Qwiwi’s latest social video venture.

The Qwiki app allows users to create one minute videos that combine photos, video clips, and music with captions and filters. The process is simple and the product is editable. Unlike Vine’s fleeting gifs – this app can actually shape a personal narrative that can be shared across various social platforms including email.

Qwiki has come a long way since 2010, from being a video search engine to a slideshow-video for news reporters. After seeing little success with its previous ventures, the company has chosen to abandon its web platform altogether and is launching this mobile-only app in hopes of chasing the social network dream of amassing a large audience of users. Qwiki had 125,000 downloads within its first 7 days of initial release and there’s been over 27,000 Qwikis created.