QVIVO relaunches as free, unlimited media cloud storage service


Are you tired of paying for your cloud media storage? If so, QVIVO hopes you’ll give its service a try, as its newly re-launched platform gives users unlimited cloud media storage – for free – for life.

The platform focuses on storing and streaming media, like television shows, home videos, music files and pictures. It organizes items based on type into specific cloud media libraries, which can then be streamed to iOS and Android devices via free apps.

QVIVO is supported by a $1 million angel round of funding led by SingTel, and is currently seeking additional funding. The platform has been built from the ground up, and doesn’t rely on any third party, such as Amazon or Google, to host its service.

While the platform’s unlimited cloud storage is available for free, users have access to five hours of free media streaming each month, before being asked to upgrade. The QVIVO Unlimited streaming in-app purchase is available for $9.99 / month on iOS, or users can unlock a free month by inviting five new friends to join the service. All users have premium accounts during QVIVO’s initial beta period.

“We believe the pay-per-gigabyte model is broken and interrupts the seamless user experience cloud storage services were designed for.” says Liam McCallum, Founder and CEO. “Today, we’re disrupting this model.”

In addition to personal media streaming, users can connect to Facebook to invite their friends to a personal circle. These users can enjoy their friends’ media in the same way.

“Your friends and family and now at the heart of your QVIVO experience” adds McCallum. “Your media is presented as an unlimited wall of content that you, your friends and your family can all enjoy seamlessly.”

QVIVO is available on the web, as well as iOS. The new Android app is coming soon.