Quora Hoping to Lure Writers By Granting Access to Traffic Analytics

Quora is giving its writers what they’ve asked for:  better traffic analysis for the content they create. By giving users what they want, Quora has a better chance of retaining writers, while attracting new ones with better benefits.

Previously, Quora only showed simple views, which was a culmination of views per month across the site. With the new traffic analytics tools, users can see upvotes, shares, and views itemized for different content. Users can also select to see views from the past 7 days, 30 days, or even 90 days.

While stats can be really useful, one can’t help but look beyond the lofty goals behind the new dashboard features:

One of our earliest goals was to help our writers understand the impact they are having on the world — the reach of what they write and the size of their audience. We’ve reached a point where certain Quora writers have content that is attracting more than 1 million views per month and upwards of 10 million annualized views; in the near future, we expect that some writers will cross 20-30mm annual views.

As a writer, blogger, and social media junkie, I can attest to the seductive power of analytics. Sure, it helps me keep track of my content and traffic, but it’s also drug-like in its capacity to seduce. One can certainly spend a lot of time watching analytics, tracking analytics, or just staring at it for hours. Whether writers on Quora will be using them to improve their content creation is one thing, but if my personal experience says the analytic tool is being used to lure writers onto the site and platform. Analytics are addictive, and I’m certainly an addict.