Quizzes and Basketball Brackets Reach This Week’s List of Fastest Gaining Facebook Apps by MAU

Growth is remarkably low on this week’s AppData list of fastest-gaining Facebook apps by monthly active users. Where last week the top set of apps had all gained over five million new users, this week there’s only one with over a million, and it’s a game: Social City, by Playdom. Social City is doing quite well, but we cover its category over at Inside Social Games.

So what’s left? A pretty desultory collection. Static FBML, you might point out, is an exception with 2.6 million new MAU; but as we point out each week, it’s a Facebook app that’s just adding everyone that interacts with custom Pages. The rest of the top five are games. We’ll have to go lower to find points of interest.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Social City7,432,756+3,142,460+42.28
2.icon Static FBML47,593,199+2,858,075+6.01
3.icon Benzerini Bul1,348,581+989,490+73.37
4.icon Bubble Island3,042,559+796,980+26.19
5.icon Tiki Resort3,166,817+754,426+23.82
6.icon Facebook for iPhone29,717,149+714,733+2.41
7.icon Show Some Love!2,037,205+658,349+32.32
8.icon Keyboard Mash!1,392,683+617,924+44.37
9.icon Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos]525,022+499,396+95.12
10.icon Mobile19,096,150+498,447+2.61
11.icon Texas HoldEm Poker28,510,464+484,202+1.70
12.icon MindJolt Games21,397,607+476,266+2.23
13.icon Towner1,415,277+433,498+30.63
14.icon CBSSports.com Brackets485,705+410,009+84.42
15.icon Bracket Challenge by Citizen Sports812,787+371,109+45.66
16.icon How dirty are you ?1,376,742+349,226+25.37
17.icon Jeux Gratuits1,342,805+342,663+25.52
18.icon PetVille20,148,216+329,566+1.64
19.icon Music Pets940,633+327,914+34.86
20.icon what tattoo best fits you?1,370,661+326,285+23.80

Show Some Love, at number six, is the latest poke app to take off. By an eponymous developer, the app has actually been around for years, but its growth only picked up a a couple weeks ago.

A couple of LOLapps‘ quizzes, user-created content from Quiz Creator that we talked about more last week on our emerging games list, have also broken into this list with over a million new MAU among them. They’re How dirty are you ? and what tattoo best fits you?. Incidentally, user-created quizzes are now nine of LOLapps’ top 10 apps.

CBSSports.com Brackets and Bracket Challenge by Citizen Sports are in another category of their own. During the March Madness basketball season, these virtual betting apps will remain big. If you don’t follow sports, think of them as being a bit like fantasy football, but more tied to the real-world results of the ongoing NCAA basketball championships.