QuizUp Update Turns Game Into Social Networking Platform

The revamped QuizUp social trivia game encourages users to follow and engage with others with similar interests.

Plain Vanilla Games has announced the release of an overhauled version of its mobile social trivia game, QuizUp. This update brings QuizUp to Version 2.0, and introduces features aimed at making the app as much of a social networking platform as it is a gaming one.

The new QuizUp experience encourages users to chat about their favorite topics with others, as each topic receives its own page and feed for browsing content posted by the community. In addition, users have a home feed of information, based on their favorite topics and those users they follow. In both feeds, users will find shared screenshots, comments and more based around those topics, which can be liked or commented on. Each post also offers a button to quickly jump into a quiz about its associated topic.

The app’s redesigned interface offers a search menu for finding new users or topics to follow, while a separate “People” menu allows gamers to filter their potential opponents based on gender, age, location and common topics of interest.

In a statement, Thor Fridriksson, founder and CEO of QuizUp, commented on the redesign:

We are so excited to officially launch the new QuizUp. The app is rooted in the personality and quirks of its original version which is reflected in every facet of our redesign. Our focus is on enhancing the social experience and encouraging our dynamic, loyal users to connect in new ways, based on shared interests and fueled by competition.

QuizUp originally launched in November 2013, and had surpassed 10 million downloads by February 2014. The game launched with over 100,000 trivia questions across almost 300 categories; today, those numbers have reached 600,000 questions and 1,200 subjects. Players are reportedly completing nearly seven million games per day.

QuizUp is available to download for free on the iTunes App StoreGoogle Play and the Amazon App Store. Alongside this revamp, the game has also launched on QuizUp‘s website for Web play.