Quiz Monster and City Games Lead Off This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

Quiz Monster has proved, over the past week, that it really is a monster. The quiz-creation app wolfed down a whopping four million new users to lead off our weekly list of Facebook’s fastest gainers by monthly active users.

The question is why Quiz Monster is growing so quickly. What has likely changed is that, instead of spinning out user-generated quizzes as standalone apps, it’s now keeping new quizzes within the main application. Whatever the case, the changes were only made a few days ago.

Here’s the AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Quiz Monster 5,423,460 +4,000,762 +281.21
2. Hello City 2,778,038 +2,343,605 +539.46
3. My Empire 4,080,966 +1,521,177 +59.43
4. phrases 4 fun 2,310,904 +1,290,669 +126.51
5. MindJolt Games 18,728,071 +1,255,048 +7.18
6. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 1,166,373 +949,117 +436.87
7. LivingSocial 3,836,295 +850,609 +28.49
8. Facebook 36,845,623 +604,409 +1.67
9. Nightclub City 3,754,076 +578,726 +18.23
10. Texas HoldEm Poker 28,735,501 +474,279 +1.68
11. Entrevista tus Amigos 4,991,334 +441,818 +9.71
12. Friend Interview 5,523,240 +391,110 +7.62
13. Fashion World 431,758 +377,110 +690.07
14. Baking Life 1,025,002 +347,812 +51.36
15. The Hardest Game of the World 362,342 +333,500 +1,156.30
16. Profile picture analyzer 1,116,688 +310,877 +38.58
17. My Top Fans 3,794,787 +305,201 +8.75
18. Games 3,234,368 +302,852 +10.33
19. Family Feud 6,729,815 +283,422 +4.40
20. Crazy Cow Music Quiz 732,185 +271,634 +58.98

Several games are making big strides, but the biggest growers are Hello City and My Empire, two very different takes on the city building genre. Each has been out for over two weeks at this point, but the past week was their best so far, especially in the case of Hello City. Expect to see both coming up repeatedly over the next few weeks.

For the rest of our game coverage, take at our sister blog, Inside Social Games. The next big non-game grower is Phrases 4 fun, a quote-of-the-day app that has been doing rather well. Until recently, Phrases was following in the footsteps of Frases Diarias, a much larger quote app, but the latter appears to have mostly leveled off, coming in at number 24 (unseen here).

Starting in April, LivingSocial began growing rapidly, hitting a high point of over five million MAU in early May, but quickly losing almost half of that total; the daily deal and sharing app is slowly moving back to its previous position with a revamped user interface. It’s followed by Facebook (for iPhone), a company-made mobile app.

Finally, skipping down to number 16, Profile picture analyzer is probably worth a look. This app assigns (apparently) random numbers for criteria like beauty, sexy, cool and smart to your picture. That’s not notable in itself, but Profile seems to be part of a larger trend of apps that amuse Facebook users with random numbers; lately, we’ve seen several gaining millions of MAU lately.

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