Quickly View Important Email On Your Android Phone

Google has released an update to the Gmail app for Android 2.2 phones. The update includes limited support for Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature, which automatically labels certain email as Important and displays those messages in a view called Priority Inbox. To see the email on an Android Phone that has the Important label, you can tap Menu, Go To Labels, Important in the Gmail app. The updated version of Gmail for Android shows the Important label near the top of the screen, while Gmail on other versions of Android may require that you scroll through your Gmail labels.

A quicker way to view your Important e-mail is to create a home screen shortcut. Tap and hold on an open space on the home screen and select Shortcuts on the Add To Home Screen window. Scroll through the shortcut window until you see Gmail label and tap it. Select the Gmail account that contains the label (on Android 2.2 phones) and then select the Important label. A label icon will then appear on the home screen that you can tap to view the Important messages in Gmail.

You can create shortcuts for any of your Gmail labels. One annoying thing about viewing messages by label in Gmail on Android is that you cannot archive messages in the label view. The most likely reason why is that a label view shows all messages, including those already archived, which have that label. In my opinion the app ought to be able to tell which messages are not archived and provide the archive button for those messages.