Qublix Takes Us on a Solitaire Safari on Facebook

Solitaire SafariWord Wizard studio Qublix has launched Solitaire Safari on Facebook, a Tri Peaks-style solitaire game that takes players to the African savanna as they meet friendly animals and work to survive the heat. In each level, players must collect key Water Cards by clearing cards one number higher or lower than the active card on the discard pile.

Each level of Safari Solitaire offers a different layout of cards on the board, but the main goal is the same: to remove enough cards to uncover and clear Water Cards, before running out of cards to draw from the deck. Players earn points as they clear cards, and will receive bonus points for clearing cards in a large chain, without drawing additional cards from the deck.

Gamers can spend premium currency on animal helpers before stages. These include a frog that removes two random cards from the board, and a rhinoceros that flips over all face-down cards, as two examples.Solitaire SafariPlayers earn up to three stars on each stage, and can compare those scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards. Users can also unlock treasure chests on the level menu when they’ve collected enough stars in bulk.

Levels become more challenging as players progress, with the addition of new challenges, like ending a level with a very few number of cards remaining on the board, for instance. This is on top of also finding all of the Water Cards. Users have access to one free joker in every stage, which can keep a streak going (or help users out in a jam) by being used as any card in the deck. Users can purchase additional jokers, as well as access to undo and board shuffle buttons, with premium currency.

Solitaire Safari is available to play for free on Facebook.