Qloud Updates Their App

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the Qloud application. At the time, the application was not ready for showtime. There were a lot of bugs that resulted in a number of features not working. After speaking with the Qloud team, they updated their app and now everything is working smoothly.

This time around they have done a great job. You can check out the most listened to artists as well as what your friends are listening to. You can also send a musical poke to your friends so that they can check out a song that you are interested in. When I first reviewed the application, I didn’t realize what the point of it was. I later found out that the real intention of the Qloud application is to enable users to listen to their music library from any computer no matter where their computer is or even if their computer with the song files is turned off. This is a great concept. While I think an iPod satisfies most of this need, the Qloud application grants you unlimited access to all of your songs.

Even though I ripped apart their application the first time, Qloud has come through with an excellent new version. They have resolved all the application timeouts and other issues. I highly recommend checking out the Qloud application, for listening to you and your friends’ musical libraries.