Q&A with Instagram, Vine photographer Meagan Cignoli

Photographer Meagan Cignoli has shot short video ads on Instagram and Vine for major brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Ciroc and Lowe’s — among many others. Complex Magazine named her one of 15 non-celebrities to follow on Vine.

We’re lucky enough to have Cignoli speaking at the Inside Social Marketing conference, Dec. 3-4 in New York, where she’ll discuss the rise of video in social marketing campaigns and how brands can capture attention in 6 or 15-second chances. Register for the conference by clicking here.

In advance of the conference, Cignoli sat down for a brief Q&A with Inside Facebook about the fast-growing field of social video marketing.

Inside Facebook: What are some of the challenges that come with shooting for a 6 or 15-second final product?

Meagan Cignoli: It is hard to tell a story in a short amount of time, so it really pushes the boundaries of your creativity.

IF: Are more brands starting to embrace social video marketing, through Instagram and Vine?

MC: Yes, I have worked with over 40 major brands to produce videos for Instagram and Vine. Its a great way to engage users in a mobile market and have fun with the brand. The Vine and Instagram communities are very responsive and intimate.

IF: What were your thoughts when Instagram announced video?

MC: I was a little nervous at first, because I didn’t know what that meant for the future of Vine. But, now I see that both are very different. and one really compliments the other. I really enjoy working on both platforms. The communities are different as well.

IF: What makes for an engaging campaign through social video?

MC: I really recommend taking a look at the General Electric account. They are the top followed corporate Vine account. they have done an incredible job at engaging people to create responsive videos, without making it a contest. and they work a lot with influencers. I think we can all learn a lot from GE’s approach. Working with influencers is helpful, but making the campaign fun and not focusing on hard selling and over the top branding is important.

IF: What are some mistakes that brands are still making in their Vine or Instagram posts?

MC: Mentioning their own name in the caption, when their name is already the name of the account. Needing their name and logo to be in the content of the video or main focus. Hacking, and uploading high res or commercials onto Vine and not using the platform for what it is. Not adhering to the perimeters of Vine.

IF: What do you see as the next step for social video marketing?

MC: Taking Vine and Instagram videos and sharing and repurposing them outside of their immediate platforms – sharing the videos on websites, using as commercials, on mobile apps, promoted twitter campaigns. display ads, etc.