Put AIM On Your Facebook Profile

Want your profile visitors to be able to instant message you while visiting? Thanks to the new AIM Wimzi widget that was produced by AOL, you can. This application is similar to the Meebo Me widget that was available for users to add to their website. It looks like AIM beat Meebo to the punch but I would be willing to bet that Meebo is furiously developing their Facebook application. Also, it’s interesting to see the growth in AOL’s presence on Facebook. Just yesterday, my friend Frank Gruber created the MyAOL Facebook group. This new application by AIM is extremely useful. Rather then trying to reinvent the wheel by developing a Facebook only chat application, AIM simply brought their product to Facebook. AIM is easily the most popular instant messaging platform within the United States. If you want to let your profile visitors chat with you while they are peeping into your life via your Facebook profile, go grab the AIM WIMZI application.