Puffy Pop: Save a Kingdom and Become a Hero on Facebook

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Qublix’s Puffy Pop has been played by over one million gamers on Facebook, and takes players to a land of magic, inhabited by colorful Puffs, creatures that spend their time collecting elixir. This elixir sustains life in the Puff Kingdom, but in the wrong hands, it can be used to unleash unimaginable destruction. In Puffy Pop, players will become the hero of the Puff Kingdom, completing match-three levels in order to stop an evil being named Gruff from collecting that elixir and taking over the land.

In each level of Puffy Pop, players have a limited number of moves and different goals to complete. For instance, one may ask players to earn a specific number of points, while another may include tiles covered in slime that need to be removed.

Puffy Pop on Facebook

Users complete these stages by making matches of three like-colored Puffs either vertically or horizontally. Special matches (like those in T or L shapes) or matches of four-or-more Puffs result in power-up Puffs on the board. These can clear large groups of Puffs, like whole rows or columns, in one move.

In addition, users can purchase power-ups using coins, which can be purchased with real money. These include the ability to swap two Puffs that don’t create a match, to clear whole rows of Puffs with a single click, or to remove one single Puff from the board, as examples.

Gamers can replay stages to increase their high score or earn missed stars, and players can compare their scores with friends on each level’s leaderboard.

Puffy Pop is available to play for free on Facebook.