Publisher Contradicts Amazon CEO on Kindle Sales


We were wondering about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s enthusiastic announcement that the Amazon Kindle eBook reader is selling really well, given that he reported no numbers whatsoever in his speech.

It turns out Wired was wondering the same thing, so they did a little investigating. In a short interview with the Silicon Alley Insider, Arthur Klebanoff, the CEO of e-book publisher RosettaBooks, declared that he has so far seen no evidence that the Bezo-Box has generated any more revenue for his company than Sony’s e-Reader, the magazine said.

Klebanoff wasn’t against the Kindle itself, hoewver; Wired said that he and other insiders have noted that for these types of new products, it takes more than a year to really understand their value in the marketplace, since the delivery system, the hardware, and the idea of the technology’s availability is all new to many consumers.

Publisher Sees ‘No Evidence’ That Amazon Kindle is More Profitable Than Sony Reader [Wired]