Public Relations and Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, but you already know that. We know that you know because you, like us, realize how important moms are to everything that is good in life.

In fact, Mother’s Day is so respected by our society that it’s one of the few holidays we haven’t savagely and unconscionably pimped out like a Las Vegas billboard. Do brands capitalize on Mother’s Day and leverage their marketing assets? Of course they do, and who can blame them. But let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is an abomination, Christmas is even worse—it’s an entire season of superficial marketing efforts—and you can’t even get through a President’s Day without someone trying to sell you a used car or mattress.

The public knows better than to reward brands that crassly attempt to exploit Mother’s Day. We don’t like it. There is something about using Mother’s Day to turn a profit that doesn’t sit well with the public. (Ok, Hallmark, you get a pass on this one.) Mother’s Day is a holiday we take personally. So that means any brands that dare to come near Mother’s Day must do so with reverence and a deft touch. Some do this better than others. We like the video above made by Google to honor moms across the globe. It’s touching and tactful. Well played, Google.

Any PR folks out there encounter outreach from brands that nailed it or were complete failures? Let us know.

And Happy Mother’s Day!