Public Broadcaster KQED Embraces New Media

Northern California public broadcaster KQED took time from watching the San Francisco Giants climb to within one game of winning the World Series to update its new-media efforts, including being featured on Google TV, being listed as a featured source on the Pulse news-reading app, and having its content featured on the newly redesigned version of

KQED said it is the first public television station to be featured on Google TV, and its KQED Interactive division worked with Google to create a new video portal adapted for viewing KQED content on a large television screen.

Pulse is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms, and KQED is a featured source among the content from traditional sources, selected blogs, and social networks.

And as part of the redesign, local content from member stations including KQED and auto-localization features are now seamlessly featured alongside national productions on the home page, topic pages, special features, and series sites, and is automatically localized, allowing San Francisco Bay area visitors to view video, KQED schedule information, and content specific to the Northern California community.