#PRWin: Rocco’s Pizzeria V. Arizona’s Bigoted Senate


As quiet as they would have liked it to be kept, the Arizona state Senate passed S.B. 1062, which reads the following: 

“Exercise of religion” means the PRACTICE OR OBSERVANCE OF RELIGION, INCLUDING THE ability to act or refusal to act in a manner substantially motivated by a religious belief whether or not the exercise is compulsory or central to a larger system of religious belief.

Arizona Democrats, who argue the legislation is a way to legalize discrimination against LGBT individuals, sponsored eight amendments in an attempt to thwart the legislation — all of which were rejected by Senate Republicans. In other words, “no shirt, no shoes, no gay folks, no service.”

And then a notable Tucson-based pizzeria decided to stick a pie in Arizona’s eye. And it’s so dee-lish.

That Chicago-style pizzeria is known as Rocco’s. I’m one of the fortunate ones who has actually grazed at said restaurant. And it’s lovely. I live in Texas, so I’m not shilling for free pie (although I’d love the benevolence if it happened across my way), but what management did to snub its nose at the state Senate is even more lovely.

Check this picture out, which was accompanied by the Facebook post “Funny how just being decent is starting to seem radical these days.”


“A customer posted the sign to my Facebook feed, so I printed it up and laminated it,” owner Anthony Rocco DiGrazia told The Huffington Post Friday in a Facebook message. “The response has been overwhelming and almost all positive from across the globe. I just want to serve dinner and own and work in a place I’m proud of. Opening the door to government-sanctioned discrimination, regardless of why, is a huge step in the wrong direction. Thanks for all the support.”

I would expect GLAAD and any local LGBT gaggle of supporters will wholeheartedly enjoy a buffet at Rocco’s. Just hope the Arizona Senate doesn’t have its weekly poker night on the same evening. Because that would be fun considering the sign and everything.