#PRWin for Edelman: Named No. 2 in ‘Culture and Values’ Poll Behind Twitter

edelmaninternsTo call Edelman’s summer “eventful” would be putting it mildly. Following a tandem of misjudgments and bad press involving climate change and Robin Williams, the agency announced (in The New York Times, no less) that they will now officially consider themselves “a client.”

You might think that employee morale could take a hit in a case like this one, but good places to work generally remain good places to work. The most recent “best places to work” piece from GlassDoor confirms this fact beyond what we personally know about Edelman and some of the stellar people who work there.

In short, GlassDoor.com just released its “2014 Top Companies for Culture and Values” — and Edelman beat everyone in culture and values except this little known start-up called Twitter.

In the world of business, this is called “a good rebound.”

In its national survey, Edelman scored very well receiving an overall 4.4 stars out of five. Among the benchmarks, 88 percent would recommend working there to a friend and a whopping 96 percent approve of the CEO, Mr. Richard J. Edelman. The pros and cons are about what you would expect from a global PR agency:

“Lots of resources available to employees and good work-life balance culture” (in 51 reviews)
“Many smart people to work with on a diverse portfolio of projects” (in 52 reviews)
“Extremely high work pressure means that work life balance is adversely impacted” (in 110 reviews)
“Long hours; org structure difficult to understand/navigate” (in 90 reviews)
The reviews are public for the world to read, but when you earn placement above culture stalwarts, such as Google, Facebook, Chick-Fil-A, Southwest Airlines, and Disney for crying out loud, you can imagine what they say.
The morale of the story? #PRFails come and go. Culture makes sure that employees don’t. Also: GlassDoor can be your friend, whether your name is John Doe or Richard Edelman. Here’s the list: