So You Wrote A Blog Post: How To Get The Most Juice From Twitter

promote blog post on twitter

Blogging is one of the best methods for businesses to increase their web traffic. A blog post a week will bump up search rankings, as it is fresh and (hopefully) well targeted content.

But if no one is reading your blog posts, what good are they? Here are some tips for using Twitter to promote your blog posts, to get the most bang for your buck.

It’s all in the headline. Writing a magnum opus is great, but if it’s titled “My Magnum Opus”, you’re not likely to get very many clicks from Twitter when you share it! Because Twitter is just 140 characters long, it’s the ideal venue for sharing blog posts… as long as they have killer headlines. Even if you rewrite the headline when you tweet a link to your blog post, many others who share your content won’t do this, so keep it short (under 120 characters so people can credit you) and compelling.

Optimize your blog posts for mobile According to official numbers from Twitter’s IPO filing this week, 75% of users access Twitter via mobile. This means that you’ll lose a lot of clicks if a mobile Twitter user finds your blog post through a tweet, but can’t easily read it on their smartphone or tablet. So be sure that your blog (and your entire website while you’re at it) is optimized for mobile.

Keep it short and sweet. Since Twitter users are mostly consuming news and articles on-the-go, your best bet for an engaged blog audience is to keep your blog posts short. Under 500 words usually does the trick. Think about how you can take your idea and condense it, so that you’re only sharing the most essential aspects of it. Your Twitter audience doesn’t have time to read a lot of fluff, and by keeping things “snack size” you’re more likely to retain you audience’s attention.

Write for your audience, not for you. So you just launched a new product. Good for you! But that news won’t entice your Twitter followers over to your blog unless you tell them why it matters to them, hopefully by showing them how it can make their lives better in some way. Everything you blog about should have your Twitter (and Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc.) audience in mind, so that your content resonates with as broad of an audience as possible.

Tweet, tweet, and tweet some more. Your audience might not be online the first time you tweet out your blog post. So what do you do? Tweet it again! As with any important message on Twitter, it’s OK to tweet your blog posts several times each. Just remember to space out the tweets, change up the headline, and be smart about when and how often you promote your own material vs. others’.

Use the right hashtags. Want more exposure for your blog posts on Twitter? Add a hashtag or two! Including the hashtag #BreakingBad if you wrote a blog post expounding on Walter White’s problematic ego would no doubt get that post in front of more eyeballs than without. Do a little searching and find the hashtags that are right for your topic.

Don’t be afraid to name drop. If you mention an influential Twitter user, a thought leader in your niche, or a brand or business in your blog post, tag them on Twitter with an @mention. They’ll see that you wrote about them, and they may eve share or respond to your tweet or post itself.

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