‘Prometheus’ Uses Twitter Stunt to Promote the Film and Its New Ad

As part of the ongoing promotions for the film Prometheus, the new trailer aired last night on the U.K.’s Channel 4 network with the hashtag #areyouseeingthis. Shortly after another ad aired featuring highlighted tweets with that hashtag. The hashtag was second on the U.K.’s top trending list for a spell.

We previously covered the great lengths that the filmmakers (it’s a Ridley Scott film made in association with 20th Century Fox) have gone to to promote this movie, which comes out June 8. Since that story, there’s been another clip (posted after the jump) dedicated to Michael Fassbender’s android character David.

Now The Guardian is wondering if the promotion has gone so far that it’s taking away the from the mystery of the movie.

Moviegoers have complained about trailers that go too far for ages. At the same time, most people won’t go to a movie they know nothing about, particularly these days when there’s so much information about the many films being released. Why gamble two hours of precious time when you can go in armed with the requisite background for reaching the optimal level of surprise while minimizing the chances of disappointment?

We’ll bet that the rolling cascade of clips is only making fans want more (because that’s how we feel). The movie builds on a franchise that has been thrilling people for decades, and now has the opportunity to reach a new audience that might need these extra Twitter stunts and video teasers to become acquainted with the story.

On top of all that, the movie looks awesomer with each new video.