Project Nebula Virtual World Announced for PS4, PC, Mac

With the upcoming closure of PlayStation Home, a virtual world for players on PS3, developer Kovok is already looking to fill the gap the world will leave behind with its Project Nebula. A 3D interactive world, Project Nebula is set for release on PlayStation 4, Mac and PC, and takes players to a world called the Nebula, a group of habitable islands formed after a distant solar system split into several fragments. In Project Nebula, players will be able to customize their own avatar and home space, socialize with others and more.

Kovok’s founder, Joan Pons, worked on the PlayStation Home platform for four years, and Kovok itself created over 800 items for the Home platform in one year. The developer will take that experience into this new virtual world of Nebula, where users can travel between islands, each with a unique environment and access to different games, like pool, crazy golf and bowling.

Users will be able to customize their own avatar to represent them within the world. This includes not only facial appearance, but also physical animations and clothing. In addition, private spaces will be available for players to create a virtual home, complete with furniture, different paint colors, customizable lighting (like dim lighting) and more. Users will be encouraged to snap pictures of their spaces and share them to social networks.Project NebulaGamers receive XP as they complete actions within the world, which can be exchanged for new clothing, character animations, pets and personal spaces. New content will be released regularly after the game’s launch, and premium items (and a monthly subscription option) will be available for purchase with real money. Subscribed users will earn XP faster, will be given access to exclusive content, and will receive monthly rewards just for being subscribed. In addition, the platform will allow third-party developers to publish content on the platform, with more information on that system coming soon.

Kovok has launched a Kickstarter campaign for interested players to support the project’s development. The campaign is seeking £42,000 (around $65,000 USD), which will unlock the base experience for players on all three platforms. The core game will offer the aforementioned personal spaces, customizable avatars, gestures, social systems, mini-games and more. New content, including the development of an iOS and Android companion app, is locked behind stretch goals.

Project Nebula is expected to release on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac in 2015. The campaign has raised £2,354 (around $3,682 USD) of its goal, as of this writing. It will end on December 8, 2014.