PRNewswire Spamming Bloggers?

PRNewswire may be sending the same pitch out to thousands of bloggers, verbatim, illustrating something about blog relations. Bloggers may copy-and-paste your pitch and run it at will. I confirmed with “mean ol’ meany” that this pitch from a “crazy person” did land in his inbox recently, not last spring:

“I’m your media relations rep for PR Newswire, which offers political journalists and bloggers public interest news via email. We were the exclusive newswire for the Democratic and Republican conventions, and we continue to release policy, legislation and administration news. The release below just crossed our wire.”

Same pitch used in February, and again April, and not by the same rep.

Press releases are an inexpensive, and linkable SEO item though. PRNewswire is currently sitting 82nd on the Techmeme leaderboard, just behind competitor BusinessWire at 77th. Just come up with some new pitches, please.

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