PRNewser Poll: Polish Up Your Cover Letter If You Want An Internship

A recent campaign from found that those who used Facebook and other social networking sites fared better in their internship search than those who went the traditional route with a cover letter and resume.

But according to our latest PRNewser Poll, internship seekers shouldn’t sell the power of the resume short just yet.

Seventy-five percent of respondents believe a resume and cover letter demonstrate a candidate’s writing skills better than social networking sites on their own.

The ability to write well continues to be an important skill for anyone seeking a PR career, just as much digital prowess and other expertise. frequently offers writing tips; of course, offers all sorts of courses to help with writing skills; and it helps to keep your AP Stylebook handy as a day-to-day writing aid.

So just when you thought that old-fashioned resume and cover letter was dead, it turns out they’re still useful after all. Sounds like the story of the press release.