PRNewser Plays Cupid

PRNewser has the best readers of any blog, anywhere. (Ok, we’re biased.) Seriously though, every PRNewser event we’ve thrown so far has been great, so Jason and I are proud to announce our next event: the “I Heart PRNewser” Valentine’s Day Party.

It all takes place next Tuesday, February 10 at the Aspen Restaurant & Lounge in New York. Per the usual, complimentary appetizers and drink specials will be provided.

However, we’re doing something different this time. Being that it’s Valentine’s day and all, we want everyone to bring a single friend of the opposite sex. We’re not kidding. You know you want to do it! Then you’ll be able to tell your grandkids “We met at a PRNewser party back in 2009.”

Please RSVP in advance and tell your friends!