PRNewser Holiday Gift Guide: Whisper the “Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz”

When we heard from David Seaman the first time, it wasn’t in the form of a cattle-call pitch with generic bullet points. He sent a link to his own site, with a look at a dubious piece of direct mail from a major bank. There was no explanation. The coy tip piqued my curiosity enough to back out of the URL and find the main page for the “Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself” (Sourcebooks, Inc., $14.95).

Dirty Little Secrets is a short, pithy instigator’s guide to getting attention quickly in the world of instantaneous news and the push-pull between the MSM and user-generated content. Seaman walks his readers, or aspiring “whores,” through building an outrageous message, cozying up to bloggers, understanding online advertising (spend cautiously, test, adjust), seeding social networks and social bookmarking, through how to get TV producers fighting over you and booking you repeatedly.

Any book that pairs Sam Adams (Founding Father, Publicity Whore) with the Naked Cowboy and Michael Moore as case studies is ok by PRNewser.

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Seaman, referring to himself as a social media expert and publicity blackhole, tells PRNewser:

“Almost every flack deserves a copy of ‘Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz’.

Warm up to 61 novel techniques to getting national media attention without paying for it (Seaman has gotten himself on CNN several times, in the NYT, and all over the place online — including here, it would seem).

There are some good ‘expert’ voices in the book, including Obama Girl, Julia Allison, and a senior producer at MSNBC–all of whom want to show you how to get more press.”

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