PRNewser Holiday Gift Guide: “Thank You for Smoking” and a Vodka Negroni

After you take the PR software for a spin in exchange for a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card, head out and by a copy of the book “Thank You for Smoking” (list price $13.95) by exiled conservative Christopher Buckley. The movie is decent but the detail on PR, lobbying, pitching, spinning, carousing and copious cocktails in Buckley’s books are worth the extra time.

Buckley’s Nick Naylor of the Academy of Tobacco Studies is the embodiment of Truthiness–he uses false logic, perfect timing, fabricated facts, and physical presence to at least make you consider his argument if only for a moment. The book has more than the movie about the people trying to ruin him, and more about why Larry King matters, how to handle a constantly hostile press, and why what you think is off the record in fact, isn’t.

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Spice up the gift by including a copy of PRNewser’s recommended bar guide “Drinkology” and the ingredients needed to make Naylor’s signature drink, the vodka negroni.

According to another conservative Eric Felten–also a booze columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and author of “How’s Your Drink?”–the negroni denotes a “touch of corruption”. It’s the perfect accessory for holiday parties, though we prefer the classic gin version:

1 ounce gin
1 ounce Camrari
1 ounce sweet vermouth
splash of club soda or seltzer
orange or lemon slice

Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Pour the gin, Campari, and vermouth. Top with the soda (or seltzer), and stir briefly. Garnish with the orange or lemon slice.