Prison Inmate Profile Shows Off Contraband On Facebook

An Oklahoma prison inmate has been uploading photos to Facebook showing he has drugs and a weapon in his cell.

Just when you thought you’d seen your fill of Facebook chutzpah, along comes a new example. Like Justin Walker posting photos showing off all kinds of things he wasn’t supposed to have inside of his prison cell — since when have inmates had the ability to access social media?

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections caught up with Justin Walker and moved him to stricter confines. But that came well after he uploaded to Facebook cell-phone photos showing him with a bag of marijuana and a blade, among other prohibited items.

If you’re having a hard time fathoming the gall of this inmate, be sure to watch the clip from Fox News in Tulsa embedded below.

The Fox News affiliate actually found Walker’s Facebook page before the prison authorities did and graciously tipped them off when reporting about this character.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections spokesperson Jerry Massie told Fox that prison officials will file charges against the inmate and begin an internal misconduct proceeding.

The outcome might extend the current 30-year term that the inmate has been serving for murdering a state sheriff in 2001.

Ultimately, the District Attorney in the county where the jail is located will get to decide how and whether to pursue charges against the inmate.

Meanwhile cell phone use in prison remains more of a wild card than we’d thought before coming across this story: federal lawmakers are trying to legislate the ability to install systems that would prevent cellular use in jail.

From a technology standpoint, how do you suppose that Justin Walker was able to access Facebook from prison? What could the social network do to help corrections officials in light of this development?