Prison Guard Fined For Posing As His Boss On Facebook

Rhode Island police caught a prison guard pretending to be his boss on Facebook, and he has to pay a $500 fine.

A Rhode Island prison guard pled guilty last week to “use of fraudulent information” after police arrested him for posing as his boss on Facebook.

The guard, 27-year-old Matthew Lacroix, had used a computer at his neighbor’s home to create the Facebook page, according to The Providence Journal.

The Journal said Facebook took down Lacroix’s creation soon after the Department of Corrections notified the social network. Officials discovered the page in August.

Rhode Island Department of Corrections Director Ashbel T. Wall is concerned that one of his employees would do such a thing, as a spokesperson told the Providence newspaper.

Lacroix worked the evening shift at the intake center of the Adult Correctional Institutions in Cranston, Rhode Island, which has employed him for five years.

Now he’s on an administrative leave, with pay, and has to give $500 of that to a victims indemnity fund. A forthcoming hearing will determine whether he faces additional punitive measures.

We suspect those additional measures might ride on the outcome of an internal investigation. The fraudulent page on Facebook might turn out to be an isolated incident of dishonesty or part of a larger tendency.

Of course, we can only conjecture about that because we can’t even see the content that started the whole controversy in the first place. If you have seen it by any chance, please let us know in the comments section.

What do you make of this case and any possible legal precedent that might result?