Price-Shop From Your Cellphone

David Gould, former director of mobile content for Virgin Mobile, is now CEO of mShopper. This new mobile site lets you comparison price-shop over 100 different stores by keying in the first few letters of a make or model of product (such as an HDTV).

You can also make secure purchases right from the phone, so you don’t have to do it all over again later when you come home. mShopper also includes a thoughtful “Click2Call” link on every page that connects you directly with a live customer service rep if you need help.

It’s an interesting idea, and offers an alternative to earlier text-message based shopping services as well as mobile coupon vendors like Cellfire – all in the name of saving you money while you spend it faster than you can make it.

To check out mShopper, key in in your cellphone’s Web browser.

mShopper Debuts Next-Generation Mobile Shopping Platform [mShopper]