Chrome Browser Extension Lets You Bring Back Instagram Thumbnails In Tweets

So, you’re probably aware of the Instagram vs. Twitter rift, in which Twitter cut off Instagram’s “find friends from Twitter” feature after which Instagram disabled photo integration with Twitter.

Many Instagram users still share their ‘grams directly to Twitter, but now their followers have to click the image link and be taken to Instagram, rather than being able to expand the image right in Twitter. Kind of annoying.

But, there’s a solution.

First of all, check out Mary’s post that details a few workarounds for posting Instagrams to Twitter.

But what about if you’re trying to remedy the problem of not seeing other people’s Instagram images in their tweets, more so than worrying about not being able to embed your own?

Check out this handy Chrome browser extension: Previeweet.

Previeweet – free for download – provides Twitter users with small image previews to the right of tweets, letting them expand the ones they’re interested in.

Supported services include:

– Dribbble
– Twitter (
– Instagram
– Photobucket
– Facebook
– Apple
– Yfrog
– Twitpic
– Twitvid
– Flickr
– Imgur

After installing Previeweet, just open a new tab in Chrome and head over to your Twitter feed. As long as you’re following people who actually post pictures, you should now see previews for each one.

If you don’t see any recent images, just type in “photography” in the Twitter website search box. You should see the image previews in your results. Like so:

Good stuff!

Do you have any other suggestions for posting and previewing images in Twitter?

(Hat tip: CNet; image via Shutterstock)