Press Conference Today: Attention Group Helps Mysterious Author to “Swift Boat” a Candidate

According to a press release issued on Friday Night, a book published by the Revelation Press announced today at the National Press Club (1:30 PM, Murrow Room) promises to “Swift Boat” a major presidential candidate.

The PR firm handling the release and pitches to the mainstream press and blogosphere is Daryl Toor’s Attention Group in Atlanta. Toor is a former broadcast journalist, and his firm appears to be a small consortium of freelancers who offer media relations and email marketing campaigns.

According to Toor’s email to us, “We’re expecting over 300 top political reporters, TV networks, radio networks and shows on Monday.”

Regardless of who the book attacks, we believe it won’t have any impact. Revelation Press is unknown and adds no credibility and a real “swift boat” attack wouldn’t come in the form of a book anyway.

Besides turning Greta Van Sustern’s stomach, the mainstream press hasn’t picked up on this. A few blogs are trying to unravel the mystery, and some speculate McCain is the target.

Without further research, and based on a quick scan of Toor’s sites and blog, we’ll put our chit in and guess its a Democrat.