President Obama’s Library Could Renovate Chicago’s South Side

obama library

This time, ‘O’ could mark the spot. Come on, get your minds out the gutter, folks. 

As it goes, people who occupy the White House get to think about life after the coronation: memoirs, speaking circuit, no taxes for life, and of course, the Presidential Library.

They all get one. And despite the wise cracks about how many books should or should not belong in a certain presidential library in Dallas, Obama’s library could be both an architectural wonder and a good thing for the city of Chicago.

While Chicago, New York and Hawaii debate about who gets to host the ceremonial dig (and New York, really?!), Michael Sorkin has decided his plan should win the bid wherever it goes. For the record, he wants it to go in Chicago’s beleaguered South Side. After you see the plans—which are now viral—you will probably agree.

Although rumored to be “unsolicited”, these pictures come from a 32-page PDF that looks to reinvigorate the South Side of Chicago and make President Obama’s new library “the first truly urban presidential center.”

Very cool. And what a genius way to petition for the RFP in the Windy City.

“It is the city where the Obamas will presumably live post-presidency” and it is “where Obama made his first deep contributions in public service and the place to which he returned to begin and advance his political mission.”

When it comes to a neighborhood, Sorkin argues that:

“…my own sense is that – far and away – the best choice would be Woodlawn, on the city’s South Side, and that several large vacant sites on 63rd Street most perfectly fit the bill.”

Look at the shots. What do you think? Looks like the Chi is about to get a good amount of tourism in the next few years to me.


Obama Library 2

Obama Library 3