President Obama’s Autopen Tweets About Life As The AOTUS

If you’ followed the political brouhaha in the US last week, you’ll know that President Obama “signed” a four-year renewal of the PATRIOT act using a machine while he was out of the country. And now this machine, known as an autopen, has jumped on Twitter to enlighten us about what life is like as the AOTUS.

As cnet reports, the President authorized the use of his autopen to sign the PATRIOT Act this past Thursday while he was out of the country. Traditionally, the autopen – which is a mechanical device that traces engraved signatures – is used to sign thank-you cards and other letters from the White House. Last week’s PATRIOT Act might be the first piece of legislation to be signed via autopen.

And amidst Obama’s detractors crying out against the use of a machine to sign something as important as the PATRIOT Act into law, the autopen decided to take matters into his own hands…so to speak.

The Presidential autopen, known as the AOTUS, tweets from @ObamasAutopen and is apparently the “son of a retired Detroit auto assembly machine and Mavis Beacon.”

AOTUS admits that he gave Obama some notes on “The Audacity of Hope”, signed Sasha’s report card, and he’s not please at the autopen that signed off on the Hangover 2.

He spends a lot of his time answering questions that people tweet to him:

Honestly, the AOTUS’ timeline is pretty entertaining, and he’s been extremely prolific since the PATRIOT Act signing – he’s tweeted just under 200 times since May 27th. If you’ve ever been curious about the life inside the drawer at the Oval Office, you’ll get quite the insight from this Twitter account.