Prepare Your Clients for Success

Boo-hoo. So you got a great story written about your business and now sales are through the roof and you just can’t keep up.

It’s a problem everyone would like to have.  The (handsome) founders of Chocomize experienced this dilemma first-hand when their company, a personalized candy maker, found themselves written up in O, the Oprah Magazine.

“The phone was ringing round the clock. We’d thought, ‘Oh, we’re going to be in Oprah! We’re going to be making so many more bars!’ We didn’t think: ‘People are going to be calling us every second of the day,'” Nick LaCava from Chocomize told the New York Times. The blurb was a mere 36 words.

Danny Wong, founder of a company called Blank Label was also caught off-guard when a column that discussed his company appeared in the Times and business spiked. He says the company should’ve done additional hiring before the column ran.

Publicists working with start-ups or other small operations can also play a role here, advising their clients about the possibilities of a big placement and the need to prepare. Not only will you be tying your work directly to business results, it’s another way to be an asset to your client.