Praia Bingo offers fast-paced Bingo modes on Facebook

Pipa Studios’ Praia Bingo has found continued success on Facebook, thanks to the developer’s willingness to engage a worldwide audience with its game updates. The game was first released to be a leader in the Latin American market (specifically Brazil), but was later opened up to English speaking players worldwide.

In Praia Bingo, players are taken to a virtual Brazilian beach, and can play 90-ball Bingo, video Bingo or a simple slot machine. The video bingo game allows users to play on four cards at once, betting some of their chips in the hopes of making a Bingo and earning even more back in winnings.

In video Bingo, matching numbers are daubed automatically, with all available numbers falling onto the screen after the press of a button.

Meanwhile, the 90-ball Bingo games are much more social, with a different layout of cards. Players can purchase six or more cards in each game, with numbers being daubed and prizes being claimed automatically. This mode offers an in-game chat for meeting other players around the world.

Players can collect stamps as they achieve various in-game accomplishments, and they’ll earn experience points as they continue to bet their chips in any mode. New levels bring about new betting options, including access to more than just six cards in the 90-ball Bingo game.

Praia Bingo is monetized via the purchase of in-game cash and chips. The game currently has over 113,000 monthly active players, according to AppData, our app tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. It’s available to play for free on Facebook.

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