PR Positive: Oklahoma to Discuss Diversity

Nevermind fireside chats: Oklahoma held “Honest Conversations,” last week as part of a new campaign that “aims to increase awareness and understanding of diversity while bolstering pride throughout Oklahoma.”

The event was the kickoff for “Our Oklahoma” a project of Tulsa public relations firm Xposure Inc. that seeks to raise $2 million to fund a diversity study, awareness program and action plan in the state, according to a story in the Tulsa World. It quotes Risha Grant, CEO of Xposure Inc. as saying that though the state isn’t “typically known for its diversity … its diversity of people, of culture or of thought,” it could model the value for other states in how it handles tourism, employment and economic development.

Grant says she would like to hold “Honest Conversations” in 10 other cities to “create a comprehensive report on the state of diversity in Oklahoma as part of phase one of the Our Oklahoma campaign.”

The plan also includes using surveys and interviews gathered by a research firm, and public engagement in terms of awareness and education with an end goal of a diversity action plan, the story says.

A “serious fundraising campaign” is set to start in January to further fund the project; her firm will receive some of the funds, but only donors will know the amount, according to the story.