PR Man Don Osmond Loses Blogger Contest


PR pro Don Osmond, son of 70s icon Donny Osmond, muscled through a huge field of scientists, adventurers and travel buffs to come in a respectable 4th place in Quark Expedition’s Blog Your Way to Antarctica contest.

In this particular blog-off, tech trumped PR. Luis Monteiro, a 29 year-old Portuguese IT guy pulled in 16,000 of the 80,000 votes cast according to the release today.

Don blogs for the Utah Deseret News site, and is syndicated on where he also writes “Cresting 30”. His bio lists him as a PR pro in Salt Lake City, AND a professional bobsledder in Park city. Who knew?

Don coincidently, was born in 1979, the same year Donny & Marie went off the air. Wikipedia pegs it as the beginning of Donny’s image issues. Did this affect his son’s career choice?

In 2004, Donny told the BBC about a choice bit of PR advice he declined:

“I remember hiring a publicist who figured out this whole campaign to get me busted for drugs and change my image .. he said you should start drinking, at least get caught with a drink in your hand, go to some parties, get some pictures with some booze in your hands. And you know, I considered it for five minutes.”

You can see Donny & Marie perform at the Flamingo in Vegas until 2012.