Potomac Based Ninja Tickets Announces Launch of Ticket Search Engine

Looking for a way to find tickets to your favorite band’s upcoming concert? Maybe you are looking for football tickets but all of them appear to be sold out. Well look no longer. Potomac, Maryland based Ninja Tickets has announced the public beta of their event ticket search engine. The site crawls all tickets to sporting events, concerts and theater shows.

I had a chance to test out the system and it works pretty well. When you search it will automatically group events which you can click through to. The event page then displays links to the various tickets and an image of the event venue. There is also space for conversation on every event page. So far the company is boasting that it has over $16 billion worth of tickets indexed so far.

I’m not quite sure what that amounts to in the actual number of tickets but if the average ticket price is $100, that would be approximately 160 million tickets. I don’t know their average ticket cost though so this is just a random estimate. One of the interesting features provided by Ninja Tickets is its “Price Rating” system which “calculates where each event ticket should be located based on its offered price — in effect displaying seats that truly offer the best ‘market value’ for consumers.”

Ninja Tickets also makes an interesting claim: “Ninja Tickets is the only search engine that can pull ticket data from online ticket sites in real time, allowing consumers to see all tickets available at time of search.” I have no proof to suggest otherwise! This is most definitely an interesting concept and I think it could definitely succeed. The real key is gaining critical pass and then negotiating referral fees with those that don’t offer affiliate program currently.

Let us know what your experience is with Ninja Tickets! I’m not quite sure about the name but the service appears to work pretty well. I’m interested to see how quickly this service grows.