The Most Popular Toys On Twitter This Holiday Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

popular toys on Twitter

‘Tis the season… to buy your kids a whole boat-load of new toys, only to watch dejectedly as they ignore them in favor of playing spaceship in the empty boxes.

To make sure you get your kids something they’ll really want this holiday season, you might want to do a little research into the most popular toys out there, according to Twitter.

MediaMiser took a look at the Twitter buzz surrounding this holiday’s top toys in the infographic below. Using the Toys R Us hot toys list and other lists, the media monitoring company has pinpointed the most sought-after toys.

Coming in third place is the LeapPad Ultra Learning Tablet (a gift that will probably please parents as much as it pleases children), with 16 percent share of voice. Next up is the Big Hugs Elmo, the evolution of the Tickle Me Elmo, with 17 percent share of voice and a huge 74 percent positive sentiment.

And the clear first place, most desired toy of the holidays? Skylanders SWAP Force, clocking in at a huge 42 percent share of voice.

You can see more details about these toys, and the full list of the top 10, in the infographic below:


(Source: MediaMiser; toys image via Shutterstock)