The Most Popular News Sites In Britain, According To Twitter [MAP]

What news sites do the British read most? Is it BBC News and The Telegraph? Or are they more into The Sun and The Independent? There are plenty of news outlets battling it out for online eyeballs in the UK, and The Guardian has put together an interactive map of the top-shared news sources in the UK, courtesy of Twitter data, to see which ones come out on top.

The Guardian reached out to Bitly, the URL shortening service most popular on Twitter, to see which news outlets got an above-average number of clicks and where those clicks came from.

The resulting map shows the regions of Britain where each news outlet is most popular.

If you take a look at some of the results, they’re not that surprising. In Scotland, for instance, The Scotsman is quite popular. And BBC News has a solid presence in pockets across the entire region.

Looking closely at London, though, you’ll see a multicolored circle covering the city. Londoners apparently read a massive variety of different news outlets, more so than any other area of the country.

This map was inspired by Forbes’ Media Map of the web-based news sources most popular in the US on a state-by-state level.

It’s worth clicking over to The Guardian’s full news map, as you can click through the data to see where each outlet is most popular and where it gets the fewest clicks.

Do you think Twitter shares of news sources reflects the traffic they get from each area of the country? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(UK news map via The Guardian; News tablet image via Sutterstock)