PopScreen Claims To Predict Which Videos Will Go Viral Before They Do

If you love discovering new viral videos before your friends and sharing them with the world before they become “old news” then PopScreen may be just the thing you are looking for. PopScreen is the world’s first video prediction engine, which officially launched yesterday. The site tracks over 10,000 online sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, 5min, FunnyOrDie, Dailymotion and more, and predicts which videos are going to become popular. If PopScreen can really predict future viral videos, as it claims, then this could be a great leap forward for content discovery on the Web.

PopScreen was originally founded in 2008 as a bookmarking service for online video. However, the founders decided a prediction engine for online video would be much more compelling. They announced the release of their new video prediction engine yesterday on the PopScreen blog. On the blog, they explain what the engine is, how it works and it’s potential:

“This engine will power the PopScreen service to help you discover videos that are making headlines and the stories behind them. Now you can be one of the first people among your friends, family and colleagues to discover that special video to enjoy, blog or even post to your favorite social network like Facebook or Twitter. Don’t be surprised to find that some of the videos detected by PopScreen end up making the nightly news – it happens occasionally. More importantly, we hope you enjoy consistently getting the scoop on hot news clips, underground music videos, soon to be viral sensations, and other things you’re interested in.”

PopScreen claims that they are able to predict which videos will go viral before they take off, but do they have any proof? In fact, they do. NewTeeVee posted a screen shot of PopScreen PopStats analytics, illustrating PopScreen’s prediction about the viral success, BP Spills Coffee. According to the screenshot, PopScreen said the video would go viral just before it started to take off.

So how do they do it? According to TechCrunch, the PopScreen “video prediction engine indexes around 15,000 video per day” across 10,000 sources including YouTube, Vimeo, FunnyOrDie, Revision3, 5min, Dailymotion and other online video sites. Videos are analyzed using a variety of algorithms, which analyze everything from how many views a video gets in a certain time frame, how many key influencers are linking to the video and more.
The site currently only indexes videos which are right on the verge of going viral, they plan to launch a new “On Our Radar” feature with even more predictions. However, according to the site, “On Our Radar” is “not quite ready for primetime (yet).”
If PopScreen can continue to predict virality effectively, as it did with the BP Spills Coffee Clip, then it could prove to be one of the best video discovery platforms of today. Check out PopScreen’s website and let us know what you think. Do you think the videos on the site’s homepage are worthy of the popular title? Do you think the site’s algorithms are able to predict upcoming viral videos effectively?