Chewing Popcorn Found To Render Advertising Powerless

Chewing popcorn can make you immune to the effects of advertising, just make sure you chew like an animal.

Fun fact: When I was a teenager, I worked one day as the guy who makes your popcorn at the local movie theater. I burnt my hand and never came back. The only relevant takeaway from this story is that your popcorn was probably sitting in its container for a really, really, long time. On the plus side? Chewing popcorn could make you immune to the ever growing assortment of commercials that are shown before your movie starts.

That’s according to a study from Sascha Topolinski, Sandy Linder, and Anna Freudenberg of the University of Cologne in Germany. And it’s not just because movie theater popcorn (and tickets) have strange and mystical power. As it turns out, it’s actually the process of chewing while you’re doing something that weakens your brain’s ability to do that something. And this isn’t just when you’re watching a movie in the theater, but watching The Walking Dead at home, or surfing the Internet wherever you may be.

Fun fact though: There was a study published last year that said chewing gum could improve your concentration. This was touted as a response to a previous study that echoed the findings of this study from the University of Cologne. But while the researchers in the field of psychology battle it out to see what exactly the effects are of chewing while doing anything, you should know that multitasking has been found to reduce productivity, so there might be something to this popcorn theory after all. Advertisers beware.