B.J. Mendelson

A Simple Infographic With A Lot Of Great Email Marketing Tricks

A handy infographic for those of you who want to master the art of email marketing.

How To Get A Wikipedia Page And Make It Stick

Ever wanted to know how you could get a page on Wikipedia? Here's how to do it without breaking the bank.

Maddox Presents All Of The Reasons Buzzfeed Sucks

One of the Web's most successful and prolific content creators, Maddox, talks about Buzzfeed's rampant content theft.

Wikipedia Continues To Clash With Wiki-PR In Losing Battle

Wikipedia is losing the battle against paid editing services like Wiki-PR, but that's not actually a bad thing ...

Something All Content Creators Should Watch: Mel Brooks Interviewed By Conan

Conan O'Brien sits down to interview comedy legend, Mel Brooks, in a new edition of Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O'Brien. The interview is something all content creators should watch.

[Viral Video] Al Capone Squares Off Against Black Beard The Pirate In An Epic Rap Battle (Of History)

In today's SocialTimes Viral Video, we find notorious mobster Al Capone in a rap battle against Black Beard The Pirate.

Don’t Have An Android Device? Don’t Worry, Google Hangouts Now Keeps You In The Google Family

Don't have an Android device? Don't worry. Google has ways of keeping you in the family. Just check out the latest update to Google Hangouts.

Not As Many Americans As You Think Own A Tablet Device

New data released from PEW indicates that tablets and e-readers might not be as popular as you think they are.

Tucker Max On Why The JOBS Act Is A BIG Deal

Part two in a six part series from Tucker Max about how crowdfunding is going to change everything, especially when it comes to startups

A Short Rant About Lazy People And Their Inability To Send Email Correctly

SocialTimes Editor B.J. Mendelson takes on lazy emails and offers a few tips on how to stop sending them.