Polls Hit the Map With Ask500People

New map mashup, Ask500People, shows real-time poll responses on the quick fast!

ask 500To use Ask500People all you have to do is pick/create a poll, vote for it, and then sit back and watch results show up on a map. Rather then have to wait days or weeks to get your results, the Web site relies on strategically placed widgets to get results fast. Said to be available on sites of all different sizes and audiences, the goal is to reach a cross-section of the general population.

While in beta, your question must be manually selected to be posted throughout the network.

Tools are currently available or surveying groups of independent voters, but they’re usually slow and expensive. We built Ask500People looks to input and opinion data in mere minutes with a platform that other applications can integrate.

Contact information is never recorded from respondents and poll-takers simply “stumble” upon a poll and move on.

There are currently four different types of polls: Simple yes or no question; text multiple choice; one to five range (agree, strongly disagree, etc.); and images (i.e. – pick the ugliest puppy)

The company is actively pursuing funding.

While the site is a great way to gather some quick data, it does not offer the user any real benefit. For example, I would be more inclined to use the service if my question contained a link back to my Web site. There’s a viral void that we hope the company plans to fill.